Visiting the Cerna Valley

The Cerna Valley is a very peculiar Romanian destination due to the fact that, along with the neighboring Domogledul Mic, is the most antique sylvan reservation of the entire country. This region covers a land area of approximately 2000 hectares, and consists on a reservation in which a wide variety of rare vegetal and animal species are protected.

Due to its peculiar characteristics, the Cerna Valley is an ideal destination for every tourist who wishes to have a vacation in Romania and enjoys meeting unique natural areas. Among the vegetal and animal species protected in this reservation, there are, for example, cave fauna, horned vipers, black Banat pine tree, tortoises, and bats.

Besides the beauty provided by the vegetal and animal species who inhabit in it, the Cerna Valley also counts with other outstanding and appealing attractions, such as its gorges. When visiting the Cerna Valley, tourists could meet the Gorge of Corcoaia and the Gorge of Prisacina, both of them located at easy to access spots. These gorges are located near the springs of the Cerna and within the walls of the Mehedinti Mountains, and are spots which tourists should not miss while being in that region of Romania.

Tourists who wish to stay in the Cerna Valley for more than a day could easily do so since there are several towns and villages located nearby, some of them offering all the basic commodities they might need. One of these towns is Baile Herculane. Baile Herculane is located near the Danube, towards the south western Carpathians, and is the administrative center of what is known as the Cerna National Park area.

The best time of the year to visit the Cerna Valley and its surroundings is between April and June. Between these months this area offers template temperatures, with an average of 18º C during May, and is therefore an ideal time for those visitors who wish to be able to walk around and visit as many places as possible without worrying for weather conditions such as cold or rain, since during these months the weather is usually very nice and dry.