Visiting La Alcarria

La Alcarria is one of the most interesting counties in the Spanish region of Castilla-La Mancha due to its great historical richness. Meeting this city and its antique constructions can be like going back into the past, and those tourists who are interested in history should not hesitate about visiting it while being in that part of the country.

The capital city of La Alcarria counts with an historical central area. In this area tourists would find the Calle Mayor, a street which is being part of the city’s past and history and which contains many amazing constructions from several centuries ago. Among the most interesting constructions situated in Calle Mayor there are the Plaza de los Dávalos and its surrounding houses, the City Hall, and the Palace of the Mendozas.

One of the most interesting and unique buildings in La Alcarria is the Infantado Palace. The Infantado Palace was built during the 15th century by Juan Guas, showing a mixture of Renaissance, Isabelline and Gothic style. The main spot a visitor would notice in its interior is the Patio de los Leones, a very impressive area which contains a particular distribution as well as unique ornaments. Nowadays, this construction functions as a museum, in such a way that visitors would be able to enjoy several art work pieces and historical objects while meeting its peculiar interior.

From the point of view of geography, La Alcarria shows a rather plain territory, much less mountainous than its neighboring spots. This area has some rivers and fertile areas, and is characterized by its production of honey, a product which this area exports to many other destinations in such a way that “the honey from La Alcarria” is very famous in the rest of the country and several other places in Europe as well.

Near by La Alcarria there is a charming town called Brihuega. Brihuega is an antique small town which contains several picturesque buildings, constructions, and houses. This town is also interesting from the point of view of art and counts with a unique center which has been named Conjunto Monumental Histórico-Artístico or Artistic-Historic Monumental Group.

Map of La Alcarria in Spain