Serrania de Cuenca – a different destination

Due to its peculiar characteristics, the destination of Serranía de Cuenca offers the chance to enjoy a unique and charming environment. This destination is located in the province of Cuenca, a very beautiful and charming region which offers several attractions, among which we can name the beautiful Serranía de Cuenca.

The province of of Cuenca is located within the Spanish region of Castilla-La Mancha, at about 320 km or 200 miles south west from Zaragoza and 160 km or 100 miles east from Madrid. The structure of this province and its main city dates from the medieval times, and still conserves many of its original constructions and features in such a way that it shows a very charming and peculiar appearance.

One of the most interesting and attractive characteristics of the area in which Serranía de Cuenca is located is provided by the way in which some streets and cliffs seem to be surrounded by hanging houses, locally known as the casas colgantes. Most of these hanging houses can be found at cliffs that face the River Júcar and the River Huécar in such a way that they almost seem to be about to fall into it when observed from the distance.

The area of Serranía de Cuenca is characterized by its cliffs and caves. Among the main rock formations and caves tourists can visit in this area there is Sima de la Sierra, Sima del Bancal de la Nevera, Sima de Tio Seis Dedos, La Quebrada, the cueva de Don Quijote, the Cueva de la Solana, and Sima de Juan Herranz II, among several others. Each one of this spots shows unique characteristics and it would take several days to explore several of them due to their amount and diversity.

Serranía de Cuenca is an ideal destination to those visitors of adventurous spirit who enjoy sports due to the fact that it gives tourists the chance to practice hiking, kayaking, sailing, and camping among others. This is an area in which adventurous people could always find something interesting and appealing to do, and hardly ever be bored.

Map of Serrania de Cuenca in Spain