The village of Xirocambos

Xirocambos is one of the most traditional villages of the island of Leros, in the Dodecanese archipelago. This village has a very attractive coastline as well as it is very close to other two small islands: the island of Kalymnos and the island of Glaronisia. This way, when visiting this spot, tourists could meet a variety of different places and beaches as well as enjoy an environment that is characterized by being very traditional and tranquil most of the year.

The main attraction of Xirocambos, besides its beaches and coastlines, is the antique Castle of Paliokastro. The Castle of Paliokastro, also known as Kastro Lepidon, is situated at the top of the main hill of the village of Xirocambos, at an altitude of about 70 meters. This castle was built over the ruins of an acropolis that existed as long ago as in 2500 BC. This way, this spot is not only interesting by the castle itself but also by the history and ruins of the area in which it is located.

Near the Castle of Kastro Lepidon or Paliokastro tourists could also find the remaining of another interesting construction locally known as the Basilica of Xirocambos. This basilica or church was originally built during the Proto-Christians period, but a newer one was later built over its ruins in honor to Panagia. This way, this area is very interesting and all those tourists who are fond of disciplines such as architecture and archaeology should always try to meet it.

The village of Xirocambos, built around the beach, is characterized by having beautiful natural landscapes and by being full of cypresses, almond trees, olive trees, and colorful flowers. This way, this destination is perfect to all those who wish to be able to enjoy an amazing beach as well as to those who like walking around and feeling a spot with all their senses.

Besides Xirocambos itself, while being in this area tourists could find a wide variety of other villages and spots to meet. Among these other spots that visitors can meet nearby Xirocambos, there is, for example, Rodhia, Mouriatadha, Vrisai, Kyparissia, Armenioi, Karvounion, Eparcha Trifylias, Terpsithea, Rouzakion, Blemenianoi, and Ayia Trias among others.