The beautiful and small Astypalea

Astypalea is a charming and traditional Greek island that is part of the Dodecanese archipelago. This island counts with a variety of beaches, attractive coastlines, unique constructions and several other attractions that would ensure most tourists having a great time despite of their age or preferences.

The island of Astypalea has a population of about 1300 inhabitants and a territory that is divided by a string of land of about 10 kilometers. The most important area of this island is where its capital town, called Hora, and its harbor are located. This area of the island counts with a variety of facilities, restaurants, and attractive spots, and is one of the main places tourists can not miss during their visit to Astypalea, although this destination has much more to offer besides this particular spot.

This island has had several different names, such as Astoopalia, Stipalia, and Astropalia, and actually is known as Astypalea, Astipalaia or Astypalaia. From the capital of the island and its harbor, tourists can easily travel to several other locations, such as, for example, Athens and Piraeus.

Astypalea appears in some tales of the ancient Greek mythology. According to mythology, Finikos and Perimidis were the parents of Astypalaia and Europe. After that, Agaeos was born from the union between Poseidon, the Argonaut, and Astypalaia. At its origins, Agaeos was named Pyra by the Kares in honor to its red color.

According to historians, one of the first important past events in the life of Astypalaia was when it was involved in what is known as the Occupation of Crete. Besides this, the experts also affirm that the first time this island was recognized as Greek was after a group of settlers from Megara arrived and made of it their home.

Several archaeological excavations conducted in Astypalea have provided evidence that, in the ancient times, this island was very wealthy. Among these discoveries, there are, for example, coins, art work pieces, and ceramics. Visitors who are interested on archaeology and wish to learn more about these findings can do so by visiting the Archaeological Museum of Pero Yalos, in Astypalea.

Map of Astypalea in Greece