The picturesque Skala

Skala is a charming town situated towards the southern area of the Greek island of Kelafonia, and more specifically in the municipality of Elios Pronnoi. This town or village is very attractive and is an ideal destination to all those tourists who wish to travel to a place in which they can enjoy amazing beaches and relax during day as well as have fun and visit exciting places at night.

The village of Skala, as it is know today, was born around 1955 when most of its actual constructions were built near the area where the former town was. The former town of Skala was located on the hill and was destroyed after a disastrous earthquake that took place in 1953 killing more than 30 people, injuring many others, and devastating the entire village.

Despite of the devastation caused by the earthquake of 1953, there still are some remains from ancient constructions located nearby Skala. The ruins of a roman villa built during the 3rd century provides an example of the interesting antique remains tourists can meet in this destination. The remains of this village is at short distance from any area of Skala and offers, among other attractive characteristics, interesting floors with unique mosaics.

Other interesting antique construction tourists can meet while visiting Skala is a Temple built in honour to Apollo. This temple, located on the way to Poros, was constructed during the 7th century, and still, nowadays, visitors can meet parts of its original structure, foundation stones, and three interesting Doric columns. This is one of the most interesting attractions located nearby Skala, and is a must for all those tourists who enjoy disciplines such as architecture, design and history.

Visiting the rest of Kelafonia while being in Skala is not difficult. Tourists who stay in Skala could find daily bus lines connecting this town with some of the main spots of the island, such as for example, Poros and Argostoli. Once they are in Poros or Argostoli, visitors could also easily find buses to any other part of the island, due to the fact that these are the most important cities of Kelafonia and transport is fluid.

Map of Skala in Greece