Dijon – Burgundy’s interesting capital

Dijon, the capital of the region of Burgundy, is a great city full of interesting things to do and places to meet. This city usually takes several days for visitors to fully explore it and meet all its historically interesting spots, since its origins date from 2500 years ago and therefore it contains constructions and elements from many different époques.

It is very recommendable to ask for guidance and information on which places to visit at a local tourism information center in order to avoid missing any of the most interesting spots of the city.

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Auxerre – The charming main city in Yonne, Burgundy

Burgundy is divided in four different administrative departments: Cóte d’Or, Niévre, Saóne, and Yonne. Auxerre is the prefecture of the French administrative department of Yonne and is one of the main cities of the region as well.

For tourists who visit Burgundy most of the times this town is present in their itineraries.

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