Dijon – Burgundy’s interesting capital

Dijon, the capital of the region of Burgundy, is a great city full of interesting things to do and places to meet. This city usually takes several days for visitors to fully explore it and meet all its historically interesting spots, since its origins date from 2500 years ago and therefore it contains constructions and elements from many different époques.

It is very recommendable to ask for guidance and information on which places to visit at a local tourism information center in order to avoid missing any of the most interesting spots of the city.

Arial view of the city of Dijon in Burgundy, France. In front the Liberation Plaza.
Dijon in Burgundy, Frace

The art scene of Dijon

Art has an important role within Dijon, and therefore the offer of art related activities is very wide. Among the main art related spots this city has there is the Museum of Sacred Art, the Museum of Burgundian Life, and the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

Each one of these main museums allows visitors to meet different types of art as well as meet some interesting architectural elements of their buildings.

Food and drink

There are many entertainment related activities available or visitors in Dijon. Those tourists who wish to enjoy a typical dinner from Burgundy could easily fulfill their wishes at several restaurants in the town.

Besides this, tourists can also visit cafes, go to the movies, go to the theater, drink a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop or observe interesting objects in a local museum.

What to see in Dijon?

While being at the centre of Dijon, there are some main areas containing several attractive spots to visit. One of these areas is the one which surrounds Rue de la Choutte. This area is located near the Cathedral Notre-Dame (Church of Our Lady) and is mainly characterized by containing interesting shops, most of them of antique construction.

Besides these shops, while being in this area of Dijon visitors would be able to meet some of the most elegant restaurants and cafes of the city.

Another very attractive spot within Dijon is the area of Rue de Liberte. Rue de Liberte and some of the secondary streets near it contain many fashion stores and shops selling several different products. This way, Rue de Liberte is known as the main street for shopping as well as for meeting some of the latest designer’s clothes and products in general.

Map of Dijon in France

Interesting places in Burgundy