Vézelay: A Unique and Memorable French Village

Vézelay is a very charming village located within the French area of Yonne, near Avallon. This town has a very special and unique personality which makes it be very different from the others, turning it into a very memorable spot which visitors would never forget.

The main picture this city shows contains one central road with beautiful old houses at its sides. The overall imagine would be full of terracotta color provided by the houses’ roofs and a central basilica.

Vézelay in Burgundy, France.

Don’t forget Vézelay when in Yonne

Those tourists who visit Yonne and have Avallon within their itinerary should not miss extending their journey to Vézelay. Even while a visitor goes from Avallon to Vézelay he would already be able to enjoy of beautiful pictures such as those provided by the typical French country lands full of natural charm, Pierre Perthuis River with its beautiful bridges and Burgundy’s hills coloring the background.

The climate

During summer, Vézelay usually goes through high temperatures which might be very nice for those who are used to such climate. On the other hand, tourists who rather less extreme climates or do not enjoy high temperatures, should try visiting this area during spring or autumn time.

Those who can choose on which time of the year to visit the area should have in mind that the most ideal time of the year recommended for tourists to visit Yonne and its surroundings is during the last days of spring.

St. Madeleine Church in Vézelay in Burgundy, France.
St. Madeleine Church

What to see and do in Vézelay

Vézelay also owes part of its charm to the fact that it is located on a hill, allowing visitors to have a great view of the surroundings as well as becoming a beautiful picture itself when it is observed from the distance.

One of the main buildings of the town is its church, St. Madeleine Church (Vézelay Abbey). This abbey church was built between the 11th and the 13th centuries, becoming the largest church of its kind in France.

This town’s main street has been walked by people who were heading towards St. Madeleine Church for decades, since it had turned into a main pilgrimage destination. This church does not only contain a great historical past but also has several fascinating architecture structural elements and ornaments, such as for example a window dating from the 13th century and an amazing facade from beginnings of the 12th century.

Map of Vézelay in France

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