Avallon and its amazing forest

Avallon is a city located towards the southern area of Yonne, in France. This city is widely known by being home of Morvan forest, one of the most beautiful forests in France and the main one in Yonne. Avallon’s forest does not only count on a great size but also an amazing beauty.

Very old houses in the town of Avallon in Burgundy, France.
Avallon town

The Morvan Forest near Avallon

Morvan Forest is a forest land of great dimensions which extends towards the southern area of Avallon. This forest covers as much as a third of this French department, becoming this way a local attraction impossible to overlook. It is recommendable to learn about this forest by, for example, asking for information about it at a tourism information center, before exploring it.

Although Morvan Forest usually is the main attraction of Avallon, this city also has other interesting and appealing elements. To start with, Avallon has an appearance which maintains many of its Romanesque features, turning it into a very unique environment.

Sights to visit in Avallon

There are several interesting buildings to visit while walking around in Avallon. One of these constructions is the Saint-Lazare Church, which contains several elements and ornaments typical from the Romans époque as well as it provides great views from the forest.

Besides this church, there also are some other buildings containing beautiful ornaments from many centuries ago as well as some of them also might also be very rich in historical past.

Those visitors who would like to spend some time not only walking around but also enjoying beautiful views should go to the end of rue Bocquillot. That spot provides amazing views of Cousin River and its valley as well as the green and natural landscapes surrounding them.

In Conclusion

As it can be noticed, Avallon offers a great combination of different environments to meet and explore. This way, this city is very unique, and might suit the preferences of those who rather being in touch with nature as well as the wishes of those who enjoy meeting spots rich in history.

For those tourists who are meeting several different destinations this could be seen as a sot in their itinerary which would allow them to relax and have some contact with nature before continuing their trip.

Map of Avallon in France

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