Auxerre – The charming main city in Yonne, Burgundy

Burgundy is divided in four different administrative departments: Cóte d’Or, Niévre, Saóne, and Yonne. Auxerre is the prefecture of the French administrative department of Yonne and is one of the main cities of the region as well.

For tourists who visit Burgundy most of the times this town is present in their itineraries.

The beuatiful city of Auxerre in Burgundy, France. River with boats and in the background old buildings and church towers.
Auxerre in Burgundy, France

The river Yonne running through Auxerre

Auxerre first became famous due to the river Yonne which goes through it and allowed traders to go from this point to the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Besides the river, there are several other elements which make Auxerre a very interesting place to visit.

Buildings to visit in Auxerre

This administrative city contains several interesting buildings for visitors to meet and explore. Among these interesting buildings, there are, for example, the Saint-Germain Abbey, the Saint Pierre Church, and the Saint-Etienne Cathedral.

These buildings date from many centuries ago and allow their visitors to observe the details which characterized the époques in which they were created.

Saint-Etienne Cathedral offers a very attractive architecture with several interesting elements. Among the most interesting elements this cathedral shows, there is its facade, which was constructed in an intricate carved shape.

Another appealing place to visit around the spot known as Place Saint-Etienne is the golden clock located on the Tour de l´Horlogne’s arch.

The overall appearance

The overall appearance of this French town is of relaxation, looking like a small charming town full of houses containing wood elements in their facades which causes the city to transmit a very special mood.

Auxerre and its surroundings is full of villages and charming small town appearance shops, which allow visitors to walk in the city while being surrounded of a very calming and cozy environment.

Auxerre is a city with a unique personality, allowing its visitors to meet amazing places as well as simply enjoy the environment by walking around and relax while doing it.

Although Burgundy contains many other interesting spots, this one, as well as its surroundings and its countryside, is unique and worthwhile taking the time of visiting it while being in the area.

Map of Auxerre in France

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