Mâcon, France: A Historical and Versatile Destination

Mâcon is the capital city of the French department of Saone et Loire. This department is located within the region of Burgundy, and its capital can be found on the right side of the Saone River.

The lands which can be observe within the area of Mâcon and the natural pictures it provides are among the main attractions this town offers since they are very beautiful and appealing.

Building of the city of Mâcon in Burgundy in the back. In the front the Saone river.
The city of Mâcon in Burgundy, France

A quick intro to Mâcon

The city of Mâcon has a population of about 38.000 people and is very rich in history as well as it offers a variety of high quality wines just like many other spots in Burgundy. Although wine is one of the main products this city produces, it is also characterized by also producing, for example, electrical products, motorcycles, and clothing among others. This way, this city shows a versatile personality which might differ from many other cities of the region due to the variety of different things it produces and sells.

The history of Mâcon

According to its history, Mâcon became part of the French royalty possessions during the 1230’s. About two centuries later, during the 1430’s, the city became part of the independent lands of Burgundy, and in 1477 it was recovered by the French crown again.

This city has gone through many centuries of life and several different époques which have left their mark on it providing it with a special attraction.

What to experience as a tourist

One of the most interesting buildings this city has is the Saint- Pierre Church. The Saint- Pierre Church is a building dating from the Romans époque, which shows a unique architectural structure and appearance and still contains several of its original features and ornaments in a very good condition.

The Saint- Pierre Church in Mâcon seen from the ground with a blue sky above the church.
Saint- Pierre Church

Among some other interesting things to meet and explore while being in Mâcon there is the Cathedral of Saint-Vincent. Although this Cathedral dates from the 12th century, it does not maintain most of its original elements, and just a few ornaments and pieces of the original structure can be observed.

Besides this, while being in Macon visitors can also meet an interesting local library, a few art galleries, a theatre, and some interesting statues.

Map of Mâcon in France

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