Beaune – The southern area of Cote d’Or

The southern area of French region of Cote d’Or is known as Cote de Beaune since that region is mainly characterized by being home of the city of Beaune.

This area concentrates almost all the different elements visitors could enjoy at the different spots of Burgundy, from typical dishes and wines to ancient buildings.

Old buildings in the city of Beaune in Burgundy, France.
Beaune in Burgundy, France

The food scene in Beune

Beaune is one of the main places in which tourists can enjoy a typical meal from Burgundy. There is a wide offer of different restaurants spread throughout the city allowing visitors to enjoy a local dish in a typical environment.

Besides the amazing local dishes, these restaurants also offer a variety of local wines from which customers can choose and which are known to be among the best of the world.

Visit the Hôtel Dieu

One of the main attractions is the Hôtel Dieu. The Hôtel Dieu is a building which dates from the medieval époque and has a very interesting structure and appearance. Besides this, this building is home for the Beaune charity wine auction celebrated every year around November.

Hôtel Dieu was founded in 1442 in order to assist those who needed help by being affected by the Hundred Years’ War. Its architecture and general appearance shows a great influence from the Valenciennes as well as it clearly shows to be a medieval construction. One of the most interesting and attractive elements this buildings contains is its colored roof tiles.

Within the building of Hôtel Dieu, there are some other interesting sttractions for visitors to explore. This building has a central yard, known as the Cour d’Honneur, which contains two famous religious elements. These religious elements are the altar which depictures the judgment day, and a wooden statue of Christ de Pitié.

Enjoy the tasty wine from Beaune

Beaune, just like the region in which it is located, is also famous by its wine. The wine proceeds from vines located within more than 450 hectares of vines. More than 40 vineyards belong to the world wide famous Beaune Premier Cru wine.

Some Beaune vineyards accept visits, which might be a very interesting activity for those who enjoy learning on the subject.

Map of Beaune in France

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