The colorful Cahors

The town of Cahors is probably the most colorful spot in the region of Perigord, due to the amazing amount and incredible beauty of flowers and green areas it has. This town has inspired many artists and photographers and still, to the date, is found to be a great source of beautiful images and pictures.

Cahors is located in the south western area of France, on the Lot River. Although its amazing vegetation and beautiful gardens are among the main attractions of this town, they are not the only ones, due to the fact that this town also offers tourists the chance to meet an important amount of highly interesting constructions.

Aerial view of Cahors in France.

The gardens of Cahors

Tourists are very important for the town of Cahors due to the fact that it receives an important and constant amount of them which have become a main source of income to the town. In order to preserve the gardens and green areas from being damaged by the important amount of visits they receive, this city has created a path which goes through the main gardens in such a way that visitors can enjoy them and observe each one of the most interesting spots without interfering with they growth.

Beautiful Cahors (France) gardens with the river running next to it.
The gardens

The Valentre Bridge

One of the main spots of great architectural appealing and interest is the Valentre Bridge. The Valentre Bridge was constructed during the XIV century, and shows a unique and charming appearance and structure which anyone who enjoys architecture related elements would love to meet. This bride has been listed as a World Heritage Site, and is without any doubt one of the main spots tourists should visit while being in Cahors.

Pont Valentre bridge across the Lot River in Cahors, France.
Pont Valentre bride

The Cathedral of Cahors

Another very interesting construction tourists can meet in the town of Cahors is the main Cathedral. The Cathedral of Cahors is a very interesting and antique construction which dates from the XI century and still contains many of its original structural and ornamental elements. This Cathedral and its cloister are among the most interesting places to visit in Cahors.

Ourside view of the Cathedral saint Etienne in Cahors, France.
Cathedral saint Etienne

Puy L’Eveque

Within the surroundings of Cahors thee is another small town or village called Puy L’Eveque which tourists should try to visit while being in this area. Puy L’Eveque is a very charming spot, which has antique houses and shows an overall magical appearance, and which from the distance causes its visitors to think it might be built on the water.

Panorama view of Puy L'Eveque (France) on the Lot River.
Puy L’Eveque

Map of Cahors in France

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