The Evolution of French Architecture

French architecture is among the riches and most interesting sources of such discipline which can be found in the entire world. The origins of French architecture can be traced back to as long ago as the stone age, being this way no only unique but among the most ancient sources of information.

Roman architecture shows its origins towards the year 1 Ad in the southern area of France, where some remains constructions can be still observed. Among these constructions there is, for example, the Pont du Gard and the Maison Carree, both of them very interesting spots to visit.

The Romanesque Period in French Architecture

The Romanesque Period in French architecture can be seen through constructions such as the Cathedral of Chartres, which would include The Gothic style prevalent during the époque it was built, around the year 1190. To the date, there still are several constructions in different areas of France which would allow visitors to have a clear idea of the predominant architectural style of that époque.

During the Renaissance, a new style became again reflected in French art and the building constructed during such époque. Nowadays, there still are many constructions from this period of time almost unchanged from the way they looked when they were just built and ready for visitors to meet them. Among the main constructions from the Renaissance we can find many of the typical Chateaux built during the XV and XVI centuries.

The Baroque period

The Baroque period also left its mark on the French architecture. During this period, many unique buildings were constructed in several spots of the country, and some of them still contain he main characteristics that they would show many centuries ago when they were built. One of the clearest examples of this French architecture style can be seen in the Chateau de Maisons, built around 1645 by Mansart.

Towards beginnings of the XVIII century, the Rococo style also became reflected in the French constructions built during that époque, showing important amounts of glasses and mirrors along with many curving forms. After that, many other architectural styles followed each one of them showing interesting characteristics which can be observed through many constructions spread throughout France.

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