The exquisite and unique French cuisine

French cuisine is famous for a great amount of different dishes and tastes which as a group are characterized by being not only exquisite but also unique and impossible to find repeated. French cuisine has been a pioneer in many of the most wanted and tasted dishes of the entire world, and it is no coincidence that gastronomy is one of the main aspects of the country attracting tourists and visitors from all places.

The characteristics of French cuisine

French cuisine is characterized by bringing different ingredients depending on the region they belong. This way, dishes original from the region of Loire Valley are mainly distinguished by not using many condiments or strong flavors and offering rather natural dishes, while the north eastern region of the country is characterized by preparing dishes with an important amount of condiments and strong flavors.

The towns and cities from the north western region of France are mainly characterized by offering typical dishes containing important amounts of butter or other milk derivate ingredients such as cheese or creams. The south western region of France is characterized by a cuisine which uses mushrooms in many of its dishes, being this ingredient a main flavor to their typical meals.

Julienne with potatoes and mushrooms in a baking dish on a light background. Traditional French dish.
Julienne with potatoes and mushrooms

The south eastern region in which the Provencal cuisine is origin is where some of the most famous dishes of the entire France are born. This region is characterized by offering dishes which contain tomatoes, herbal condiments and olive oil in such a way that turn the cuisine of this region into a very unique and interesting one fairly known around the world.

Although this differences in the cuisine of each region in France can not be noticed as easily nowadays as they were some centuries ago, it is still many times impossible to enjoy some of these typical dishes in the same way that when they are prepared by local cooks of each area. There is some magic and secrets which can be only found at the place where each dish was origin, and tasting French cuisine dishes were they were created is a unique experience.

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