The Historic City of Versailles

Versailles is a French town of such an historic interest that attracts as much as 30.000 visitors per day. This town is located towards the southwest of Paris, at a distance of about 10 miles from it, and therefore can be easily accessed while being in the area. There are train lines and buses which might take visitors from Paris to Versailles at several different times of the day.

Panoramic view of the garden of Versailles in France.

The main attraction of Versailles

The main attraction, and one of the main attractions of all France, is the chateu. The chateu is an amazing castle which was built by Louis XIV, who was known as the Sun King. Before that castle was built, Versailles was not seen as an important spot, and consisted on a typical countryside area.

Since Louis XIV ordered the creation of the chateu, Versailles gained a much higher importance than it had before. Louis XIV built this palace once he left the Louvre and desired to establish his home at this area. This way, Versailles became home for this highly interesting royal palace, which nowadays can be visited in order to observe its architecture as well as its museum.

More than a palace

Although Versailles is widely known due to the palace, this city also has other things to offer.

Lots of visitors outside of Versailles palace on a summer day.
Versailles palace

Visitors who approach town, could walk by its streets and enjoy observing the landscapes and environment of a typical French city. This city counts with a population of no more than 100.000 people and has several interesting buildings to meet while walking through its streets.

This way, after meeting the palace, visitors could stay at Versailles for a little longer and meet some of the rest of the town as well as sit at a café and talk with this place’s local people or go to a restaurant and enjoy a typical meal.

The town is also known as being the place where many famous people were born. Among the famous and historic people who were born at Versailles, there is Louis XV, Louis XVI, Louis XVII, Philip V, the famous architect Ferdinand de Lesseps, and the philosopher Jean Francois Lyotard among many others.

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