Jaca and tourism

Jaca is considered one of the main tourist destinations in the middle region of the Pyrenees, and is famous due to the popularity of the winter sports it offers.

This town can be found near France, towards the north eastern area of Spain, within the province of Huesca and near the River Aragon.

Winter sports in Jaca

The town of Jaca is very popular for the winter sports it features and has being host for a variety of important competences, such as the Winter Universiades.

Cars covered in snow in Jaca, Spain.
Winter in Jaca

This way, during winter time it receives a great amount of visitors and people who enjoy winter sports arrive from a variety of places and areas of the world.

Pilgrim visitors

Jaca is one of the most important stops in the Camino de Santiago de Compostela or the Pilgrim’s road to Santiago de Compostela. This way, this spot is constantly receiving people who are on their way and who provides a very interesting and unique ingredient to the place.

When to visit Jaca

There are several great times for visiting Jaca, and the first week of May is one of them. During the first week of May, generally on the first Friday of that month, a very important festivity is held on the town commemorating a medieval Battle.

During this festivity, tourists could observe and be part of a variety of activities, such as, per example, a flag-waving spectacle and several competences.

The Ciudadela

The Ciudadela or Citadel is one of the most attractive spots visitors can meet in Jaca. The Ciudadela is a great construction built towards the year 1590 and which is counted to be one of the clearest examples of military architecture of that époque located in the Pyrenees.

Aerial view of the impressive Citadel of Jaca in Spain on a sunny autumn day.
The Citadel of Jaca

What else to do?

Besides the Ciudadela, there also are several other interesting and antique spots to visit in Jaca.

An inside view of the Romanesque cathedral of Jaca in Spain.
The Cathedral of Jaca

One of these antique constructions is the Cathedral, a building of Romanesque style which has been declared National Monument due to its historical value.

Besides this spot, tourists should also visit the Bridge of San Miguel, the Monastery of the Benedictines, the Torre del Reloj from the 15th century, the Church of Santiago, and the Hermitage of Sarsa, among many others.

Map of Jaca in Spain