Palencia – A city rich in history

The city of Palencia and the beginning of its main historical events can be traced back to the VI century, when the Romans established at it and the Visigoths sacked it. During that époque and the current days, Palencia has gone through an important amount of historical moments most of which have marked the way it looks and the impression visitors would have of this town will be highly influenced by these past facts.

The king of León

During the X century, the Moors took the control over Palencia. Later, during the XII century, this town became famous due to the fact that it would attract royalty and the king of León would spend great part of his time in this town, turning it into one of his main residences. During those years, this town started becoming more popular and gaining new inhabitants.

Aerial view of Palencia in Spain.
Palencia in Spain

The Cathedral of Palencia

Between the XIV and XVI centuries, one of the most interesting constructions of this town was built: the Cathedral of Palencia. This cathedral was built following a typical Gothic architectural style and showing very interesting structural and ornamental elements.

Nowadays, tourists who meet this cathedral would be able to observe many of its original architectonic elements as well as enjoy a collection of interesting tapestries and paintings from El Greco exhibited in its interior.

Outside view of Cathedral of Palencia in Spain. A few people and a statue in front.
Cathedral of Palencia

The first university in Spain

Another interesting historical fact related to this town is related to the construction of the first university of the country, which would later turn into the University of Salamanca. The first university of Spain was actually built in Palencia in 1213, but 15 years later the establishment started functioning in Salamanca, leaving only the interesting construction in this town as a memory.

Palencia today

Nowadays, this town is famous not only by its interesting and rich historical past but also by its industries and productions. Palencia produces textiles, iron, a variety of chemicals, and wool related products which are not only distributed within Spain but also exported to many other destinations.

Located towards the central area of Spain, it is a city which those tourists who visit the region of Castilla y Leon should not miss.

Map of Palencia in Spain