The province of Salamanca

The city of Salamanca is located towards the south western area of the Spanish region of Castilla y León, and is one of the cities of the Duero River. This city is the capital of the Spanish province of same name, and is one of the most famous and largest ones of the region. There is a variety of interesting places to meet within this area, and those tourists who enjoy meeting antique constructions and historical spots should make sure of visiting this city while being in Castilla y León.

During summer time, Salamanca offers a very nice weather with temperatures of around 20º in average, being this one of the best times of the year for visiting this spot. During winter time, the weather is less propitious since tourists would experience a temperature of around 6º in average which might be much colder at nights. During the first weeks of spring this town offers a nice weather as well as in summer time and it is among the preferred times of the years for tourists who wish to meet it.

There are many interesting things to do and see in Salamanca, such as per example meeting the Plaza Mayor. One of the main spots tourists should visit in this town is visiting Plaza Mayor, the most iconic spot of this spot. Plaza Mayor is one of the most interesting squares of the entire Spain, and traditional to Salamanca in such a way that in it local people use to gather and spend some free time.

The University of Salamanca is another one of the most iconic constructions of this city. This university is among the most famous ones of Spain and receives students not only from many different points of the country but from several other countries as well due to its high reputation.

The city of Salamanca was among the main spots disputed between the Arabs and the Christians, mainly during the X century. These fights finalized once King Alfonso VI took control over the town and gave it to his daughter and son in law. These events have left their marks on this town, in such a way that many constructions of Arabic style and Christian buildings can be seen spread throughout its territory.

Map of Salamanca in Spain