Patmos and the Book of the Apocalypse

Patmos is a small charming island part of the Greek Dodecanese archipelago, in the Aegean Sea. This island is famous as a pilgrimage destination due to the fact that it was mentioned in the Book of Revelation. According to the Christian scriptural Book of Revelation, Patmos was where Saint John the Evangelist, its author, saw a vision from Jesus as well as where he wrote the Apocalypse.

The main town or settlement tourists would find in Patmos is Skala. The town of Skala is usually divided in four different areas. The most popular of its areas is Netia, surrounding the port. Netia is very popular between yacht travelers and cruises as well as it is an important fishing area. At Netia starts a road that connects this area with Kambos and the mountainous region of the island where tourists can find a variety of constructions, restaurants and facilities.

According to historians, one of the most important events this island went through was the invasion of the Turks. The Turks ruled Patmos for some decades, letting their mark in its appearance and constructions. Other important historical moment took place during the Turco Italian War of 1912, when the island became controlled by the Italians. The Italians also caused an impact on the island and its settlements, in such a way that nowadays tourists can find, for example a unique combination of Turkish and Italian constructions.

One of the main constructions tourists should visit in Patmos is the Monastery of Saint John. The Monastery of Saint John is a medieval construction located towards the southern area of the island and which, from far can easily be mistaken with a fortress. This monastery, constructed in a strategic high point of the island, was originally built to control what visitors would approach and maintain pirates away, as well as for religious purposes.

Other interesting place visitors can meet in Patmos is the Cave of Apocalypse. This cave was where John the Evangelist made his home while he wrote the Book of the Apocalypse. Nowadays, this cave has been converted into a sanctuary around which a Convent was built and which is the main goal for pilgrims who arrive to Patmos.

Map of Patmos in Greece