Pothia – the capital of Kalymnos

Pothia is the capital town of the Greek island of Kalymnos, in the Dodecanese archipelago. This town consists on an important number of houses, churches, restaurants, and a variety of other constructions built around the main harbor of the island, in such a way that, when approaching it from the sea, tourists can enjoy a very attractive sight.

While visiting the town of Pothia, tourists would find several antique constructions and interesting places, such as for example the Museum of Pothia. The Museum of Pothia houses an important amount of objects related to the history of the town and the Dodecanese archipelago, being a must for every visitor who is interested in the past and traditions of this region of Greece.

Other interesting place visitors should make sure of not missing in Pothia is the church. The Church of Pothia is a very interesting antique construction which houses a nunnery known as Ag Savas. This nunnery and church can be visited, but is important to have in mind that men need to wear long pants, as well as women must to have their legs and shoulders covered in order to be admitted.

The general appearance of Pothia is very attractive and charming, in such a way that one of the best things tourists can do when visiting it is simply walk around and observe the sights surrounding them. The town of Pothia is composed by narrow streets bordered by colorful houses mixed now and then with shops. This way, while walking around, visitors would not only be able to enjoy the charming appearance of the town, but also meet several shops selling local art crafts and traditional objects.

When the evening approaches, visitors could find a variety of local taverns, restaurants and bars offering a variety of traditional meals, many of them made with fresh fish, as well as a variety of local drinks and beverages. This might be the best way to end a day in Pothia, after visiting its beaches, historical places, and enjoying the magical environment its narrow streets and charming houses offer.

Map of Pothia in Greece