The Budapest Zoo

The Budapest Zoo is one of the most visited attractions of the city. This Zoo receives an important amount of not only tourists with kids but also older people who are interested in meeting exotic animals from around the world. This Zoo is a great attraction which all those visitors who enjoy the nature should not miss during their vacation in Hungary.

When visiting the Budapest Zoo, tourists would not only be able to meet animals but also a wide variety of protected plants, since this area is home of the Botanical Garden of Budapest as well. The Botanical Garden has a variety of different interesting, protected and some even exotic plants, and is a great place for all those who wish to relax while being away from the city activity for a while.

The Budapest Zoo is home of hundreds of different animals, among which there is a variety of water creatures, mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles, and insects. Many of these animals are Hungarian while many others have come from a variety of other parts of the world, being together a very peculiar combination.

One of the most famous parts of the Budapest Zoo is the Aquarium. The Aquarium of the Budapest Zoo counts with approximately 150,000 liters of water and is renown by using very advanced technology in order to recreate the natural habitat of the creatures it has. In this aquarium visitors could meet more than 150 different water creatures and species from many different origins.

Other interesting spot visitors could find in the Budapest Zoo is the Museum of Paleontology. This Museum of Paleontology, located next to the Aquarium, exhibits waxworks of animals typical of the Ice Age, ancient reptiles, and dinosaurs of the Paleozoic Era, among others.

One of the most visited spots in the Budapest is the primates’ area. In this area, visitors can meet as many as 200 different primates, an amount which causes this zoo to be among the most famous ones in the world. As it can be seen, this Zoo counts with a wide amount of attractions, and is a spot which all tourists should try to visit, regardless what their age is.

Map of the Budapest Zoo