The Old Jewish Quarter

The Old Jewish Quarter, nowadays also known as the Budapest Ghetto, was a neighborhood in which during World War II Jews were obligated to live. Actually, before becoming known as a Ghetto, it was an important Jewish Quarter, being this why nowadays this area of Budapest is often called as such. Any tourist who wishes to visit this part of Budapest during a vacation in Hungary but des not know how to arrive could easily find somebody to provide him with directions since most Hungarians known where it is.

The first construction visitors might find when going to the Old Jewish Quarter is the Great Synagogue. The Great Synagogue is, within the Old Jewish Quarter, the most visited spot. Most tourists visit only that part of this area, and visitors who walk around beyond it would hardly find a few people more, although nowadays the amount of people visiting and living in it seems to be slowly increasing.

The constructions of the Old Jewish Quarter are mostly unchanged and tourists who walk around could observe it almost the same way it looked until World War II, when it was inhabited. This quarter used to have a large amount of houses, residences, shops, and synagogues among others. Nowadays, it is almost completely uninhabited, although visitors could find a few people as well as religious shop or other kind of store open now and then.

Despite of the dark past and sad moments this part of Budapest has witnessed, nowadays people seems to slowly start going back to it. This Quarter has been witness of many tragic moments, when people would be forced to stay and remained unable to receive anything from the exterior, surrounded by fences which would prevent them from being able to have any contact with the exterior.

As it can be seen, this part of Budapest has an extremely tragic past, but nowadays can be interesting to visit it and observe it as an historical area. Many of its constructions still stand and count with the same structural elements they would have when they were just built hundreds of years ago.