The Opera House of Hungary

The Opera House of Hungary is without any doubt one of the most interesting constructions tourists could meet when visiting Budapest. This construction is considered to be one of the finest examples of Neo-renaissance style and architecture in the world, and therefore all those tourists who are fond of disciplines such as design and architecture should not miss it during their vacation in Hungary.

This Opera House was constructed between 1876 and 1884, and since its completion it became famous in not only Hungary but also in all Europe and the rest of the world due to its design and interesting combination of elements. This Neo- renaissance construction counts with some ornaments and elements of Barique style as well as with sculptures and paintings of several outstanding artists such as Karoly Lotz, Mor Than and Bertalan Szekely.

When arriving to the Opera House of Hungary, and in front of the construction, visitors would find the statue of Franz Liszt and the statue of Ferenc Erkel, both statues created by Alajos Strobol, a very important Hungarian artist. Besides this, it is recommendable to take the time to enjoy this construction from outside before stepping in, since its exterior is as attractive and interesting as its interior.

The Opera House of Hungary several Corinthian columns and near some of them statues of the Muses. The vestibule, to which visitors arrive through the main entrance and a small hall, is ornamented with several paintings and frescoes of famous artists. The ceiling of this construction has a horse shoe shape and is ornamented with the art works of Karoly Lotz.

This construction was temporarily closed for some years. During that time it was reconstructed, and it was reopened in time for its centenary celebration in 1984. Tourists who wish to enjoy a play at this Opera should ask for information on schedules and prices since these are variable. But, even when visitors can only meet it from outside, they should not miss the opportunity since it is one of the most attractive and interesting constructions in this city, as well as among the most beautiful of its kind in the entire world.

Street View of the Opera House of Hungary