The coasts of Piso Livadi

Piso Livadi, or simply Livadi, is one of the most attractive destinations in the Cyclades archipelago. This is a typical Greek town full of traditional constructions and spots which counts with several amazing beaches and picturesque restaurants where visitors can enjoy a great meal after a relaxing day.

The small and charming Piso Livadi is situated in Paros, on the eastern cost of the island, near Marnissa and at about 20 kilometers from Parikia. This spot counts with amazing sea landscapes and a port which every tourist who enjoy being close to the sea should make sure of visiting while being in Paros.

Reaching Piso Livadi should not be very difficult, especially to those tourists who may want to visit Parikia before it since there are buses connecting that spot with Piso Livadi. Besides this, there also are boats connecting this island with several others, in such a way that many times visitors can easily add Livadi to their schedule.

The harbor of Piso Livadi is often used by boats that can not access the port of Paros due to overcrowdings. Visiting this port can offer the chance to observe some commercial boats maneuvering as well as enjoy some beautiful landscapes that can be observed from this particular spot of the island.

Whether they come for the day or to stay, visitors can find a nice variety of facilities which would surely allow them to be comfortable. Piso Livadi has several restaurants, cafes, rentals, and shops, as well as some apartments and hotels, in such a way that visitors can be very comfortable and forget any worries while enjoying this destination.

Despite of its small size, during the last years the town of Piso Livadi has been gaining more and more importance as a tourist destination. The town’s general appearance has been slightly modified due to these changes and in order to be able to receive larger amounts of visitors, but it essence is untouched and most of its traditions are the same as they have usually been. This is a very attractive spot which tourists should not miss when visiting Paros or any other near island.

Map of Piso Livadi in Greece