The Spanish town of Valladolid

Valladolid is located towards the central area of Spain, within the region of Castilla y León. This town has several interesting historical constructions which, despite of dating from many centuries ago still show most of their original structural elements and ornaments.

The history of Valladolid

Although the history of Valladolid dates from much earlier, during the XI century it was when the town started gaining an important impulse from several different points of view. This important impulse was origin after the moment when an important Count established his main residence in this town and would attract wealth to it and help ir progress.

Panoramic view of the historical center of Valladolid in Spain.

The Cathedral of Santa María de la Antigua

During the époque in which Count Ansúrez lived in Valladolid, several interesting constructions were built in the town. One of these constructions is the Cathedral of Santa María de la Antigua.

This cathedral was built with many elements typical from the typical Spanish architectonic style predominant between the X and XII centuries, and would become one of the most iconic buildings of the town and its surroundings.

Outisde view of the Cathedral of Santa María de la Antigua in Valladolid, Spain.
The Cathedral of Santa María de la Antigua

Puente Mayor

Another construction created within the X and XII century was the Puente Mayor or Mayor Bridge. This bridge was constructed over the Pisuerga River, and along with the Cathedral of Santa María de la Antigua, it would become one of the main symbols of the town.

The Puente Mayor bridge of Valladolid, Spain - on the river Pisuerga.
Puente Mayor bridge

A central spot for the royalty

Towards 1470, Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile got married in Valladolid, being this among the main historical events which have taken place at this town due to the fact that through this marriage two great kingdoms were united.

Due to this marriage, this town became a central spot for the royalty and a capital of the entire kingdom symbolized by this couple.

Plaza Mayor with the town hall in Valladolid in Spain.
Plaza Mayor de Valladolid

Within the XIII and XV centuries, Villadolid became the main city of the region of Castill and León. During this époque, most of the major political decisions would be made from this town, attracting the eyes and attention of the region to it in a constant basis. Besides this, during those years this town also became a judicial center, being this another reason by which this town gained importance throughout the region.

Most of these past events can be seen today through many monuments and buildings which would allow tourists to learn from most of these interesting historical facts.

Map of Valladolid