Val d’Aran – a beautiful small valley

Val d’Aran is a small beautiful valley located within the region of the Pyrenees, towards the north western area of Catalonia.

This valley is very attractive due to its unique and natural features as well as to its traditions, architecture, and surroundings among several other interesting characteristics. From skiing to meeting unique animal species and enjoying beautiful landscapes. This destination is a great choice to all those who enjoy being close to the nature.

The valley called Val d’Aran can be found bordering with Aragon at its western side, with Pallars Sobira at its eastern side, with the Catalan Comarques at its southern side, and with France at its northern area.

Picturesque view of the Pyrenees landscape with green meadows and mountains in Val d'Aran in Spain.
Val d’Aran

This valley is the main Catalan territory that can be found in the north side of the Pyrenees, and is a spot which offers a different climate than other valleys in this area due to the fact that, unlike the others, it is oriented to the Atlantic Ocean.

Val d’Aran has its own language

Another interesting fact about Val d’Aran is that it has its own unique language. The language of Val d’Aran, called the Aranes, is only spoken by the inhabitants of this valley and is part of their culture and antique traditions.

This language was origin through a unique fusion and combination of Basque, Catalan, and Gascon language.

The economy

An important part of the economy of Val d’Aran is mainly based on its tourist activities, divided in two major seasons: the ski related activities in winter time and the tourism in general in summer time.

Besides tourism, Val d’Aran also bases its economy in the production of forest related derivates and in the activity of apiculture.

The fauna of Val d’Aran

Val d’Aran also counts with a very interesting and unique fauna. This valley has a variety of native animals, many of which are in peril of extinction, and that are counted among the main attractions of this destination.

This way, those tourists who love nature and specially animals would be able to meet some unique species while being in this spot and it is very recommendable that they do not miss meeting this destination if they visit other near by place.

Map of Val d’Aran in Spain