The history and beauty of La Rochelle, France

Those tourists who could have their first impression of La Rochelle by arriving through its harbor, could be amazed from the first sight on the town. Just like most of this town, the harbor shows two beautiful towers from the XIV century welcoming its visitors and giving a clear idea of the beauty of the town.

The harbor of La Rochelle

The town of La Rochelle was founded in the X century, and since the XII century it has been famous by its great harbor. From its origins and until the XV century, the harbor of La Rochelle was the main and the largest harbor of the Atlantic coast of France, transforming the town into a central trading spot.

Panorama view of the harbor in La Rochelle in France in the summer.
The harbor

The history

Towards middle of the XVI century, the town of La Rochelle became a central area for the group known as the Huguenots. During this époque the town gained prosperity and richness, while its harbor continued being among the most important ones of not only the region but all Europe as well.

Around 1625, the city entered into a conflict with the King Louis XIII, During this conflict, the town went through several fights and battles. During this problematic period, the town went through what was known as the Siege of La Rochelle, were Richelieu blocked the city for over a year.

Busy street with many people and old houses is La Rochelle, France.
La Rochelle

Through the several centuries of history this town counts within its roads and buildings, there is an important amount of interesting ones, and it is very recommendable learning about the town’s major events before visiting it. There are several amazing constructions and spots visitors should make sure of meeting while being in this town, and the more they know about them and their past the better they will be able to appreciate them.

Nowadays, the town and its harbor conserves many of its original spots and most of the constructions it has been acquiring through the different centuries can be still observed with many of its original features.

Although it receives a constant amount of visitors, this town has been able to remain unchanged and maintain its antique and charming appearance throughout the pass of time.

Map of La Rochelle in France

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