Marais Poitevin: A Unique and Interesting Destination in France

The Marais Poitevin is a marsh area located within the region of Charentes, towards the western side of France. This area was named to be interregional park in 1979 due to its unique natural characteristics, and is a destination very different than any other which tourists could visit within France.

The Green Venice

The Poitou fens area, also known as the Green Venice, is a large spot of around 80.000 hectares located on a depression consisting on several water canals mixed with some green spots. Within this area, there are several beautiful natural spots and landscapes worthwhile to be visited.

The marches of Marais Poitevin in France. Green field and trees.
Marais Poitevin

One of the most peculiar spots visitors can meet while being in the Marais Poitevin is the Marais Mouilles. The Marais Mouilles, known as the wet marshes, is a very interesting area located towards the eastern side of the area. These waterways are of large dimensions and combine a fusion of waters arriving from many different rivers.

The marshes located towards the southern area of the region are less visited than the others due to the fact that they show a much more arid appearance than its surrounding spots. This way, it is possible to say that this spot is less visited due to the fact that it shows much less green, vegetation and trees than the others, and therefore visitors usually don’t feel so attracted to it.

A family boat sailing in Marais Poitevin in France on a sunny day.
Boat sailing

The dry marsh area in the Marais Poitevin region

Another interesting spot to visit within the Marais Poitevin region is the dry marsh area. The dry marsh consists on meadows combined with some water canals and without showing important extensions of trees like other Marais Poitevin spots would. This way, this spot is very different that others areas of the region and is among the most visited ones.

The Prises

The Prises is another peculiar spot located within the region of the Marais Poitevin. This spot shows a unique system of dikes constructed between the XVIII and the XX centuries. The main purpose of these dikes is to maintain separated the waters from the Atlantic Ocean and the ones coming from the Marais in order to prevent them from flooding the town of Irleau established nearby.

Map of Marais Poitevin in France

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