The Museo del Prado – Madrid

The Museo del Prado, located in Madrid, Spain, is said to be the largest art museum of the world. This museum exhibits a wide variety of different art works, such as paintings, sculptures, drawings, among many others. This museum’s art collection is so large that they actually can only exhibit about 25% of the total amount of works they have due to the fact that they don’t have space enough to exhibit them all.

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The Palacio Real de Madrid

The Royal Palace or Palacio Real de Madrid is probably the most impressive and interesting constructions of this city. This Palace is interesting due to many different reasons, such as to its amazing structure and architectural elements, its ornaments, its art works, and its history since many important events from centuries ago have a direct bond with this construction.

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Meeting the neighborhood of La Latina

La Latina, in Madrid, is a very peculiar neighborhood, characterized by being populated by people from a diversity of cultures and offering a unique mixture of traditions. There are people from many different origins living together within La Latina, among which there is an important amount of gypsies who have given this spot many of its actual traditions and characteristics.

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Some info about Chueca

Chueca is one of the most bohemian neighborhoods of Madrid. This neighborhood is located next to Malasaña, towards the northern side of the Gran Via within the central area of the city, and is known as a very cheerful spot which offers a wide variety of entertaining activities. This way, this spot is one of the first choices among young local people and visitors who want to have fun and party at night.

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