The Latin Quarter and the Sorbonne University

The Latin Quarter is the name given to the Paris’ area which surrounds the Sorbonne University. This way, this Quarter has been famous since the Sorbonne’s origins. Also, this neighborhood’s name also owes its name to this University since it was origin by the Latin speaking students who would study at the Sorbonne.

The Sorbonne University

The Sorbonne is one of the most famous and important universities of the world, and due to this reason it receives students from not only France but from many other countries as well. This way, the Sorbonne and its surroundings is full of people from different cultures and ethnics, giving the area a very interesting and friendly mood.

Main entrance of Sorbonne University in Paris, France.
Sorbonne University

The area of the Latin Quarter is always full of students and artists, who give this neighborhood a unique personality and appearance. An important amount of the Latin Quarter’s inhabitants and neighbors are students, people related to the Sorbonne, or artists, and therefore this neighborhood is often seen as showing a very bohemian life style.

Other attractions in the Latin Quarter

There is an important amount of historical events related to the Latin Quarter and many other interesting places to visit besides the Sorbonne as well. This way, it might be very interesting for visitors to walk around this neighborhood after visiting the Sorbonne University, and observe the unique lifestyle and environment of this area along with many great buildings they might find on their way.

Many great museums and monuments are located within the Latin Quarter area and it is recommendable to learn where they are before visiting the neighborhood in order to avoid missing any interesting spot. Among the museums tourists could visit in the Latin Quarter there are, for example, The Museum National D’Histoire Naturelle and the Middle Ages Musée de Cluny.

The Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle in Paris, France.
The Museum National D’Histoire Naturelle

Another important spot located in the Latin Quarter area is the Panthéon, which was built at 1789 as a church. Later, it was converted into a mausoleum and a necropolis in which some famous French people such as, for example, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, Louis Braille, Jean Moulin, Pierre Curie and Marie Curie rest. This Panthéon has a dome to which visitors can access and have a unique view from Paris.

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