Avignon – A European City of Culture

Avignon is famous by the way it promotes arts as well as by the richness it contains within its antique buildings and monuments. Due to all these factors, it was named European City of Culture in the year 2000 and is often centre of important art related meetings and exhibitions.

This town is considered to be among the main cities of Provence, and visitors who are in this region should not miss it. There always are art related activities available as well as many antique monuments and buildings opened to visitors who might wish to observe them.

Aerial view of Avignon in Provence, France.

The Palais des Popes

One of the most interesting spots in the city is the Palais des Popes. It is a building of great size which has an architecture based on medieval castles and fortresses styles mixed, offering this way a very interesting combination and a unique appearance.

Outside view of Palais des Popes in Avignon, France.
Palais des Popes

The Pont d’Avignon

Other two attractive places are the Pont d’Avignon or Avignon Bridge and the Roucher des Doms Park. Visitors can also go to any tourism information center and ask for advice on which other places to visit as well as learn about the history behind them.

The beautiful bridge Pont d'Avignon in Avignon, France.
Pont d’Avignon

Besides this, tourists who enjoy meeting new people can also go to cafes and meet local inhabitants who would surely let them know interesting information about the city and which places to meet.

The Festival d’Avignon

During summer time, the city receives a great amount of visitors from the entire world who approach to enjoy the Festival d’Avignon. This way, this season might be a good time for visiting the city and become part of one of the most famous art festivals of the world.


Avignon restaurants and local meals are among the most valued factors of the city. It is very recommendable that visitors take their time in order to calmly enjoy this region’s typical dishes as well as some dishes from other areas which are prepared in an amazing way.

One of the most valued local specialties is the papalines. The papalines contain chocolate and a unique liqueur known as d’Origan du Comtat, made of about sixty different herbs.

Map of Avignon in France

Interesting places to visit in Provence