The Alpilles and Baux de Provence

Alpilles is a very attractive French area located towards the southern region of Baux de Provence. Alpilles has been made world wide known by several painters and writers who have been inspired in this area for their creations due to their beauty and particular essence.

The Alpilles landscape

The landscape which can be enjoyed while approaching this area is already beautiful, even before actually reaching it. Alpilles offers a very charming picture due to the mixture of natural elements with villages. There is a fascinating combination of vineyards, lavender fields, almond trees plantations, and rock formations which turns Alpilles into a unique place to meet and observe.

The Cliffs of la Léque

One of the most interesting spots to visit while being in Alpilles is the Cliffs of la Léque. This area contains stone roads and beautiful rock formations which show through the erosion of their surfaces the pass of time and the effect which quarrymen have left on them.

Saint Remy de Provence

Saint Remy de Provence is another very interesting area located at the base of Alpilles. Saint Remy de Provence is not only attractive due to its beauty but due to its history as well. This place is characterized by maintaining most of its original traditions in a perfect mixture with modern life.

There are several interesting places to meet and things to do at the Alpilles’ area of Saint Remy de Provence. Visitors who approach this spot could be part of traditional events such as the sheep migrating festival, watch bull fights, and participate of what is known as the horse fair. Besides this, this area also has many other attractions and entertainment related activities available for visitors of all ages in such a way that no one would be able to be bored while being in it.

The Archeological Museum

This region also contains several interesting historic places to meet. Among these places there is, for example, the Archeological Museum established in the building which was the residence of the Sade family. The Alpilles Museum is a building in which visitors can learn about the history of the region while observing interesting objects and art works.

Map of Alpilles in France

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