Visit Marseille – The oldest city in France

The French city of Marseille was founded about 2600 years ago by the Greeks. This age turns it into the oldest city in France and gives it a charm and an attraction which no other French spot can equalize. Besides this characteristic, Marseille is also considered to have the second largest port in all Europe, being preceded just by Rotterdam.

Taking into account the ancient age of this city, it is not difficult to imagine the amount of interesting buildings and places it contains. Marseilles is home of an important amount of antique buildings and monuments as well as many other attractions which turn it into a very enjoyable destination.

Aerial panoramic view of Marseille old port in Provence, France.

The port of Marseille

Marseilles’ port is one of the most interesting places to meet while being in the city. This port offers a combination of characteristics which turn it into a very unique place. It is not only the second largest port in Europe but also one of the oldest ports a tourist could ever meet.

The Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde

About one kilometer from the port, there is the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde, another very attractive place to visit. The Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde is a basilica of Romano-Byzantine style and which dates from the 1850’s. It is not only very amazing due to its appearance but also due to the views it allows visitors to have from the city while being in it.

An outside view of the beautiful Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille, France.
Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde

Nearby this area, visitors can also meet a fortress which dates from the 16th century and later was turned into a prison. This fortress prison is very impressing and walking around it can be a unique experience as well as learning about it, since it counts with an important amount of historic facts within its walls.

Museums in Marseille

While being in Marseille, visitors can also meet two interesting museums: the Musee d’Histoire de Marseille and the Centre de la Vieille Charite. The Musee d’Histoire de Marseille contains objects and elements dating from the origins of the city to the date, allowing visitors to learn about the city’s history.

The Centre de la Vieille Charite is not only attractive by the objects it contains but by the building’s architecture as well.

Map of Marseille in France

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