Granville in France – A great summer resort

Granville is often described as one of the most attractive summer resorts of northern France. This town, located in the region of Normandy, is constantly receiving visitors from the entire world as well as from France since it is ideal for relaxing and spending a great vacation.

Panorama view of Granville in Normandy, France.

A resort town

The town of Granville has been considered a great summer resort and tourism spot since the XIX century. Although it always has been seen as a very beautiful spot and has received visitors from several different regions, it was not until two centuries ago that Granville started becoming the popular place it is to the date.

Overview of the beach and the ocean - and part of the town Granville in France.
Beach in Granville

Granville and fishing

Besides than being famous as a tourism spot, Granville is also widely known as a fishing area. This way, the main resources of this town are based on sea related activities, and most of its incomes are based on the visitors its beaches attract and fishing activities.

Fishing boats in the port of Granville, France.
Fishing boats in the port

The Mardi Gras Carnival

One of the most attractive times of the year for visiting Granville might probably be during its Mardi Gras Carnival. Granville’s Mardi Gras Carnival is a festivity which has been traditional to the town for more than a century. This way, during this festivity the town receives an important amount of visitors who approach attracted by it as well as by the beaches and many other natural characteristics of the town.

The Mardi Gras Carnival of Granville has been celebrated every year since 1872, and it is, nowadays, an activity typical of the area. Originally, this festivity was based on the preparation fisherman would have to go through before going into the sea, and, although nowadays the festivity is much broader and includes several different activities, those roots are still at the base of the celebration.

Granville’s Mardi Gras festival is usually celebrated during the month of February. One of the most interesting and fun activities of this celebration are the one known as “the day of intrigue”. During the day of intrigue, the town inhabitants, as well as many visitors, wear masks in order to intrigue and trick the others while meeting or walking around the town.

Map of Granville in France

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