Houlgate: A Sea Resort Town in Normandy, France

Houlgate is a sea resort town situated at the back of a hill, within the region of Normandy, in France. Due to its great beaches and charming general appearance, this town attracts visitors from many different spots, not only within France but many other places of the world as well.

This place offers a wide range of activities of many different kinds in such a way that all visitors would surely find something suitable to them and their wishes fulfilled.

One first look at this town would show streets bordered by trees and leading to the beach located at the lower area. In general, a sight of this town would transmit peacefulness, fun, and relaxation combined with the sound of trees leafs slowly moving from the effect of a calm breeze and the sound of the sea.

Beautiful wide beach of Houlgate in Normandy, France. The quite ocean in the back and part of the town in front.
The beach of Houlgate

A typical sea resort

One of the main characteristics of Houlgate and by which it differentiates from most other sea towns in the region is the fact that it maintains its antique constructions and its general original appearance almost untouched and without the addition of modern buildings. This way, by visiting this town, tourists can enjoy a typical French sea resort which shows an urban architecture that has not been affected by modern trends.

Typical classic buildings in Houlgate, France.

The buildings of Houlgate

There is a wide variety of different spots and buildings throughout the town of Houlgate. Tourists who approach this town can meet from medieval buildings and Swiss chalets, to typical rococo constructions. It is interesting to remark that some of these constructions have become hotels and spots open for visitors to stay while being in the town.

Historical people from Houlgate

Through the pass of centuries, many different people of historical importance have been at this town and even lived in it for some periods of time. Among these people, we can name, for example, Saint Saens, Sacha Guitry, Napoleon III, among many others before them.

Nowadays, this spot offers a great combination of quiet spots such as its beaches and historical buildings mixed with other exciting places such as discos and pubs in such a way that there is something suitable to all different preferences.

Map of Houlgate in France

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