Dieppe: A Seaside Resort with a Rich History

Dieppe is known as the oldest summer resort of France, and one of the oldest within all Europe as well. This English Channel seaside resort is located in the region of Normandy at about 100 miles from Paris, and besides its beaches, it offers a wide variety of other options for tourists to enjoy and have fun.

The harbor in Dieppe

The old town of Dieppe has an important harbor located towards the Argues River, at its entrance area. This harbor is one of the town’s main attractions and shows the characteristic of being naturally protected and surrounded by chalk cliffs due to the fact that it is within a valley area.

The harbor in Dieppe in Normandy, France. Lots of small fishing boats and in the background the Notre Dame church and cliffs.
The harbor

The history of Dieppe

According to what is said locally, the name of this town, Dieppe, was originated from the Saxon word “deop”. The word “deop” means profundity or deepness, and it would have been used to denominate this town according to the important depth of the Argues River. This way, through the pass of years the word “deop” would have been changing until becoming Dieppe, the actual denomination by which this town is known.

The origins of Dieppe as a sea port can be traced to the XI century. During that époque, French fisherman discovered the potential of this area and started working in it. Since then, this town and its seaport have become widely known through the region due to this port and the fishing activities related to it.

Aerial view of Dieppe roofs with cliffs and the ocean in the back.

Occupied by the English

Between 1420 and 1435, Dieppe was occupied by the English, who already had attempted to do so about a century before that date, around 1340. During the XVI century, the town’s economy became highly impelled after a businessman called Jean Ango established his central working area around this town’s port.

The Wars of Religion

Around 1670, this town was devastated by the Wars of Religion. During this époque, about 10.000 people from the town died, and many more became affected in many other ways. A few years after that, during 1694, foreign forces invaded Dieppe causing a great damage to it, and after that an important part of the town had to be reconstructed.

Map of Dieppe in France

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