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Central Greece

The mountain town of Arahova
Arahova is a village or small town situated on a mountain which offers the charm and magic of conserving many of its antique traditions and characteristics almost unchanged.

The town of Kalambaka
Kalambaka is a spot which tourists usually visit together with some other surrounding spots such as, per example, Meteora.

Livadia - the capital of Viotia
The city of Livadia is famous by the role it had in what is known as the Revolution of 1821-1828.

Sightseeing in Mt Parnassus
Mount Parnassus or Parnassos and its surroundings are strongly related to ancient Greek mythology, being this another of its main attractions.

The ancient Thiva
Thiva is an ancient name used to denominate part of Thebes, and is, without any doubt, one of the most interesting and appealing destinations in the entire country.

Visiting Delphi
According to Greek legends, once what was known as the Battle of Platea finished, most Greek villages and cities were in fire and Delphi gave us the strength to overcome such situation.

Visiting Kastraki
The town of Kastraki counts with a very interesting cave which, centuries ago, was used as a prison.

The monasteries of Meteora
Meteora consists on a group of antique monasteries situated in the region of central Greece, next to the Pindus Mountains.

Pelion Peninsula in summer time
The Pelion Peninsula is a paradisiacal spot for all those tourists who like the beach and enjoy relaxing while witnessing spectacular sceneries.

Volos - an economic center
Volos is known as the economic center of the entire prefecture of Magnissia or Magnesia as well as its capital city.

The beautiful Agios Konstantinos
Agios Konstantinos is a destination situated within central Greece, within the region of Attica, to the north of Cape Sounion, and at about 50 kilometers from the southern side of Athens.

Visiting the Iti National Park
Those tourists who enjoy green areas, trees and plants could be able to have a great time while visiting the Iti National Park.

Lamia - the capital of Phthiotis
The city of Lamia has a population of about 76,000 people and is famous by its amazing ancient castle among other reasons.

The town of Messolongi
Messolongi is a small city situated within central Greece, between the River Acheloos and the River Evinos, and counts with several peculiarities which turn it into a very interesting spot to meet.

The periphery of Thessaly
Thessaly is a major region in central Greece which is one of the 13 main peripheries of the country.

Galaxidi and its harbor
Galaxidi is a Greek town situated towards the southern area of Phokida, a prefecture in the region of Central Greece.

Karpenisi - the capital of Evritania
The city of Karpenisi and the entire Evritania is among the less developed spots in Greece, due to factors such as its location and the way in which it was strongly affected by wars and other historical events.

Larisa - the capital of Thessaly
Larisa, or Larissa is one of the four major prefectures of Greek region of Thessaly and is its capital as well.

Sterea Ellada - Central Greece
Sterea Ellada is the name given to the central periphery of Greece, situated to the south of Thessaly and Epirus, and to the north of Peloponnese and Attica.

Trikala - in Thessaly
Trikala owes its name to Trikki, the daughter of Pinios, and is also said that this spot was where Aesculapious or Asklepios was born.