The history of Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most visited spots in the Greek archipelago of the Cyclades. This destination is very rich in history and counts with several unique antique spots and archeological places to meet as well as it offers a very beautiful environment combined with modern facilities and accommodations. Tourists who visit this town could meet a paradisiacal natural environment, interesting constructions, unique historical elements and spots as well as they could even be able to meet some celebrities since it is not unusual for this town to receive them.

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Syros – in the Cyclades

The island of Syros is part of the Greek archipelago known as the Cyclades. This island counts with two great towns called Ano syros and Hermoupolis, both of them very interesting and full of attractions and beautiful landscapes. There’s a lot to see and meet in this destination, and tourists should make sure of counting with as many days as possible for their visit.

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Ermoupolis – a queen town

Ermoupolis, situated in the island of Syros and also known as Hermoupolis, is the capital town of the Cyclades archipelago and is considered one of the most attractive spots in the area as well. This town or city counts with a wide variety of interesting things to meet and do as well as it offers a very beautiful scenery, providing this way a great combination of tourist attractions.

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