Vathy – in Kefalonia

Vathy, located within the Greek prefecture of Kefalonia, is considered to be one of the largest natural harbors of the world. This city is the capital of Ithaca and is a very attractive destination tourists should always consider when visiting Greece. Vathy is very interesting from the point of view of architecture and history as well as it offers beautiful natural landscapes and spots.

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Patmos and the Book of the Apocalypse

Patmos is a small charming island part of the Greek Dodecanese archipelago, in the Aegean Sea. This island is famous as a pilgrimage destination due to the fact that it was mentioned in the Book of Revelation. According to the Christian scriptural Book of Revelation, Patmos was where Saint John the Evangelist, its author, saw a vision from Jesus as well as where he wrote the Apocalypse.

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Mandraki – capital of Nisyros

Mandraki is the capital town of the island of Nisyros, in the Dodecanese archipelago. Besides than being the capital or main town, Mandraki also is the port of the island and is a crucial spot for the economy and every day life of its inhabitants. This town, as well as the other towns in Nisyros and the island itself offer a variety of interesting attractions, in such a way, that most tourists, despite of their age or preferences, usually have a great time while visiting it.

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The island of Kos – near Turkey

The Greek island of Kos, with a territory of about 340 km2 and a population of 30.500 inhabitants, is part of the Dodecanese archipelago and is characterized by counting with beautiful beaches and a variety of commodities and attractions. Besides this, Kos is very close to several other Greek destinations as well as at only 4 km from the Turkish coast, in such a way that, while being in this island, tourists can also easily visit many different spots.

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Kalymnos and the Aegean Sea

Kalymnos, located in the south eastern side of the Aegean Sea, is one of the most appealing islands of the Dodecanese archipelago. This island is famous as a rock climbing and a sea sports center, in such a way that receives many tourists who approach willing to climb, dive, sail, and surf on a constant basis. But, besides the sea sports it features, this island also offers many other appealing things to do and a variety of attractions suitable to tourists of all ages and preferences, in such a way that those who are willing to have a relaxing and tranquil vacation would be as satisfied as those who wish to find exciting activities and lively places to visit.

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