The picturesque Skala

Skala is a charming town situated towards the southern area of the Greek island of Kelafonia, and more specifically in the municipality of Elios Pronnoi. This town or village is very attractive and is an ideal destination to all those tourists who wish to travel to a place in which they can enjoy amazing beaches and relax during day as well as have fun and visit exciting places at night.

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Rhodes – capital of the prefecture of the Dodecanese

The city of Rhodes, located in the island of same name, is considered the most important city or capital of the Prefecture of the Dodecanese. This city counts with a population of approximately 60.000 inhabitants, although the amount of inhabitants that can be found in it tends to increase during summer months when many summer houses become inhabited.

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Marathi – in Arki

Marathi is the second largest island in the small group of islets of Araki, located opposite to Arkoi. This island is very charming and picturesque and offers amazing natural landscapes as well as a few unique beaches in such a way that it is a must for every tourist who enjoy sea landscapes and visits this region of the Dodecanese.

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The small Lipsi

Lipsi is a small traditional island located within the Greek Dodecanese archipelago. This island still maintains many of its antique traditional characteristics, in such a way that, for example, its inhabitants still base most of their income in fishing and farming, the same activities than their ancestors. Despite of the fact that this destination receives a steady amount of tourists every year, this amount is low, and therefore visitors can enjoy the peacefulness and every day life of the island almost unchanged or unspoiled by external factors.

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Arki – several destinations in one

Arki, in the Dodecanese archipelago is a peculiar destination which counts with the characteristic of having several different small islands. This destination is also very peculiar due to the fact that it has a population of only about 50 inhabitants, although tourists can find several facilities and rooms which should be booked in advance due to their reduced amount.

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The village of Agios Georgios, in Pyrgos

Agios Georgios, also known as Kardiakafti, is a village situated within the municipality of Pyrgos, in the Greek archipelago of the Dodecanese. This village, with a population of around 1000 inhabitants can be found at about 2 kilometers from the capital of Pyrgos, at about half way between Simoupoulo and Oinoi, and near other interesting towns such as Lampeti and Lasteika.

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Agathonisi and its two main towns

Agathonisi is the Dodecanese island located at the most northerly area of the archipelago. This island, also known as Tragea and Gaidaros, has two main villages or towns called Mikri Chorio and Megalo Chorio and tourists who visit this area of the Dodecanese should try to meet both of them since each one offers unique and appealing attractions. One of the best moments of the year to visit this destination is between July and August when some celebrations, such as the feast of Panaghia and the celebration of Aghios Pandeleimon, take place.

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