Megéve: A French Skiing Destination for All Levels

Megéve, located in the French region of the Alps, is one of the main skiing destinations of this area. This way, this town receives visitors from all over the world and is constantly working in order to allow them to have fun and be as comfortable as possible.

It offers an important amount of different skiing pistes as well as cafés and restaurants where visitors can relax and enjoy an amazing local dish after a day full of fun in the snow.

The main ski areas of Megéve

There are three main ski areas within Megéve, each one of them suitable to different skiing skills and levels in such a way that no matter if a person even knows how to ski, he will be able to find a place for him and even learn with a local instructor if he wishes.

The three main skiing areas are: Jaillet, Rochebrune, and Mont d’Arbois. Besides these areas, there is another important spot which goes from Giettaz to Christomet offering skiers the chance to choose another piste.

Cable lift station in Megeve in the French Alps. Blue skies and full moon in the background.
Cable lift

Megéve skiing area adds as much as 325 kilometers of pistes, which are distributed within the different skiing main areas throughout the resort. There are more than 85 lifts or cable cars functioning in the area in such a way visitors can access any point they might wish to reach in a fast and efficient way.

Skiing for all skill levels

No matter the level of skiing skills a visitor might have once he reaches Megéve, he surely will be able to find a spot suitable to him. Even those who have never skied before would be able to take their first steps by being taught by a local professional instructor who would show him the necessary techniques and guide him until the beginner is ready to start skiing.

Three children skiing in Megeve in the French Alps. Lots of snow and trees in the background.
Young skiers

Experienced skiers would also be able to find great spots where to practice their sport since there are several runs available for highly skilled skiers. There are about 17 black runs available to the most experienced skiers, as well as there are 54 red ones available to experienced skiers in general. Besides this, there also are 41 blue runs and 23 green runs, in such a way that every visitor would surely find a spot suitable to him.

Map of Megéve in France

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