The beautiful Alps village of Talloires

Talloires is a village located about 550 kilometers south east of Paris and a few kilometers north of Albertville. This village’s origins can be traced from as long ago as the year 866, turning it into one of the most ancient spots of the region.

There are many different ancient great spots to explore within this town as well as the general appearance of it is rewarding by itself due to its charming houses and buildings.

The history of Talloires

The village or town of Talloires has gone through many different historical moments and époques. According to this village’s historic facts, at its origins, it has been under the control of Lothar II, a great grandson of Charlemagne. This provides a clear idea of the amount of time this village has lived and the great amount of historic facts and stories it can tell.

The beautiful town of Talloires in France on a bright and sunny day. A lake and boats with houses and mountains in the background.

Visit the cliffs

Among of the most interesting and peculiar characteristics of this town is the cliffs which surround its bay. These cliffs owe an important amount of its attractive to their appearance since they show chalk at their sides, and they are one of the most visited spots within Talloires.

The village of Talloires might also offer climbing heights related activities and sports such as climbing and skiing due to this spot’s geographical position. Besides this, this village offers a variety of hotels and rentals, allowing tourists to opt for what best suits their needs.

It is highly advisable to make sure of learning about accommodation spots and booking before arriving due to the high amount of visitors this destination receives.

The ancient Talloires

There also are several interesting ancient constructions of different types which can be explored while being in Talloires, such as for example, l’Ermitage de Saint Germain.

L’Ermitage de Saint Germain is a chapel which dates from the XV century and offers its visitors the chance to have a unique panoramic view of the Lake Annecy and the surroundings.

Overview of the scenic village of Talloires in France. Lake and mountains in the background.

Those visitors interested in meeting ancient buildings and learn information about them should ask for guidance at a local tourism information center in order to make sure of not missing any of the most interesting places in Talloires.

Map of Talloires in France

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