Blois: A beautiful and historic town on a hill in France’s Loire Valley

Blois, located within the French region of Loire Valley, shows the characteristic of being on a hill. Due to this peculiarity, this town offers amazing views over the surroundings and the Loire River, as well as some of the most incredible landscapes of the region. Besides this, this town is also very attractive due to its beautiful Chateau and other amazing antique constructions.

The history

The town is located about 35 miles from Orleans and 100 miles towards south of Paris. During the middle ages, this town was the capital of a region which was under the control of the count of Blois, one of the main feudal lords of the country during such period of time.

Cityscape of Blois from the river side. The Cathedral of St. Louis in the background.

Around the year 1235, the region known as the County of Blois was acquired by Louis XV, who later gave it to Louis de France, the Duc of Orleans. After that, Blois became part of the areas that belonged to the region of Orleans. This way, it is possible to see how many different stages this town has gone through and how many different historic moments it has lived.

The town has had an important role in the lives and activities of several major historic personalities. For example, Joan of Arc lived in this town for a while around the year 1430, and Louis XII was born in this town’s Chateau at 1462. Towards the last years of the XV century, Blois Chateau became the main Royal residence after Louis XII became king.

The Chateau of Blois

The Chateau of Blois is a very interesting construction worthwhile to be observed from an architectural point of view as well as from a historical one. Some areas of this Chateau were built in the XIII century, while some others were not completed until the 17th, and therefore this castle shows a very unique combination of styles mixed together within one same structure.

Chateau of Blois next to a quiet road and some regular houses.
Chateau of Blois

This castle also has several interesting ornaments and elements such as a spiraling stair and balustrades ornamented with patterns typical from the style prevalent during the époque they were built.

Map of Blois in France

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