The history of Chinon – a town with a rich past and scenic present

Chinon is an old French town located in the area of Val de Loire. This town is surrounded by two rivers, the Vienne and the Loire, as well as by an important extension of country land. Besides its geographical attributes, and strongly related to them, this area produces excellent wine which causes it to be world wide famous.

The surroundings

The surrounding country lands are one of Chinon’s main attractions due not only to their natural beauty but to the antique buildings located within them as well. This way, it is a must to visit these country land spots and learn where the main different constructions are in order to make sure of heading towards them as well.

Aerial view of Chinon, France from the castle. The woods and the river visible in the background.

The history of Chinon

Chinon started gaining importance within the region of Loire Valley in the middle Ages while Henry II was king of England. During this period of time, this castle was rearranged and often inhabited by king Henry II since it had become one of his favorite residences. This way, within the next years since first discovered by Henry II, Chinon castle and the entire region received a constant attention and was always looking as beautiful as possible due to the king’s orders.

At beginnings of the 13th century, the town of Chinon became part of the Royal Estates which belonged to the French crown. Then, during the hundred years’ war, the town of Chinon gained importance again due to the fact that Charles VII started visiting this town very often and even inhabit in it for important periods of time.

Charles VII and his court made this area very famous within the region and the entire France as well, attracting people to it in a constant basis. Towards the last years of the 1420’s, Joan of Arc could also be seen among the visitors of this area since she would come to see Charles VII along with other people.

During the 16th century, the town of Chinon lost its last royal inhabitants. After that, during the 17th century, Chinon became part of Duke Richelieu estates, and due to the lack of attention the main Castle received in that period, it started loosing the charm and importance it had made it famous during the precedent centuries.

Map of Chinon in France

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