What to see in Loches: A Historical Tour

Loches is a very interesting town located within the region of Loire Valley, in France. This town is very attractive due to the several different antique buildings it has and the richness of its historical past. By walking around the central area of the town as well as by its surrounding country lands, those tourists who enjoy historical constructions would be able to have a nice time while meeting several of them.

The fortress in Loches

One of the most attractive ancient buildings visitors could meet within the region of Loches is its fortress. This fortress shows a very unique and impressing appearance, due to its magnificence and incredible size which reaches heights of as much as 40 meters. Different kings, such as Louis XI and Louis XII used this feudal fortress as a prison for their enemies. This way, this building can be seen as one which had strong incidence within the history of France.

Gateway to the fortress in Loches, France. A few people standing in front.
Gateway to the fortress

The Royal Home

Another very important construction located within the area of Loches is the Royal Home. Most of the Royal Home was built during the XV century, although another part of it was not built until one century later. This construction shows a unique combination of architectural elements from the Renaissance mixed with elements from the medieval époque, and within its interior some Gothic ornaments can be observed as well.

Saint Bear Church

Saint Bear Church is another interesting Loches’ building. This church is located near the Fortress and both these buildings share one same rock foundations. The Saint Bear Church was originally built during the V century as an oratory. Later, the building was extended and became a monastery. This church’s architecture is very beautiful and shows an incredible mixture of different styles, mixing elements from many different époques between the V century and the XV century.

Buildings in the town of Loches in Loire Valley and the river running through.

The surroundings of Loches

‘Besides the above mentioned important buildings, Loches and its surroundings have many other different historical constructions and beautiful buildings from several antique époques. Among these constructions there are many interesting monuments, such as, for example, the Cordeliers’ Door. The Cordelier’s Door is recognized as the city’s Main Door and is one of the main spots visitors should make sure of meeting while being in Loches.

Map of Loches in France

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