Carcassonne: A Historical French Town Full of Fascinating Spots to Visit

Carcassonne is a French town very rich in history and past events, offering this way an amazing amount of fascinating spots to meet. This town is located within the region of Languedoc Roussillon, towards the south western area of France, and is one of the most interesting spots to visit while being in this region.

The history of Carcassonne

Carcassonne’s history can be traced back to as long ago as the year 3000 BC, when Neolithic settlements would be the population of this town. This way, this city is full of highly interesting spots, constructions, and art work pieces which can tell visitors about ancient events.

Around the year VI BC, the town of Carcassonne became populated by a Celtic tribe. During this period of time, this town became a trading spot where people would meet in order to exchange belongings. During that époque, and for some centuries, this town was called Carcasso, a name which would derivate into Carcassonne with the pass of time.

Panoramic view of Carcassonne in France.

The capital of Colonia Julia Carcasso

Towards the first centuries AC, the town called Carcasso was named capital of Colonia Julia Carcasso. During this period of time, Carcasso gained popularity within the country and functioned as one of the main administrative centers of the region. Today, visitors could observe some constructions and art work pieces throughout the city which belong to that époque and even depicture some of the main events and moments of it.

During the middle Ages, Carcassonne started receiving its first Counts. Within this époque, this spot was under the rules of different people, and it was a much more complex period of time than the ones preceding it due to the fact that stability was hard to find.

The Carcassonne fortress in France.
The Carcassonne fortress

The first years of the 1530’s, Protestantism appeared within the region and the town became almost divided. While the central and northern area would still be catholic, the southern area would belong to the Protestantism. This way, during this period of time, the town became almost divided and a succession of complications happened, although they were successfully overcome.

The textile industry

The origins of some of the main economical resources of Carcassone can be found within the 1690’s, when the first steps into the textile industry were taken. During this époque, a very important textile factory was created and this town started becoming popular for this product through the entire country.

Map of Carcassonne in France

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