Albi: A Town with a Unique History and Architecture Worth Exploring

There are several spots to meet and things to do while being in the town of Albi. One of the main characteristics of this town, located towards the southern area of France, within Languedoc Roussillon, is that it shows a unique reddish appearance due to the great amount of constructions built with red bricks it has.

Art and architecture in Albi

Several great artists and architects have gone through this town leaving their mark on it as well as showing it to the rest of the world through their creations. This way, tourists often approach Albi attracted by its relation with art as well as its relation with history and architecture among others.

The beautiful houses of Albi in France. A river and bridge visible in the foreground.

The Cathedral of Saint Cecile

Those tourists who approach Albi attracted by its architecture and history should always make sure of visiting the Cathedral of Saint Cecile. The Saint Cecile Cathedral is one of the most interesting constructions of this town, which offers a very appealing architectural structure and facade as well as there is an important amount of historical data hidden within its walls.

The Cathedral of Saint Cecile in Albi, France.
The Cathedral of Saint Cecile

The Cathedral of Saint Cecile can be described as being austere in its exterior and sumptuously ornamented in its interior. While approaching to it and observing its facade, tourists would find this Cathedral to be very simple, without much ornamental elements and with a rather defensive structure. Once they pass the Cathedral’s door and observe its interior, tourists would find a high contrast with the image they had made of it before.

Other sights in Albi

There also are several other places to meet within the town of Albi. One of these places is the bell tower, which dates from the XVI century. Also, tourists who enjoy meeting constructions and observing ornaments can visit the Gate of Dominique De Florence, dating from the XIV century.

Artists and art have had an important influence in Albi, and this can be seen through the important amount of art works which can be seen ornamenting the main buildings as well as by the museums and exhibit spots which can be visited within the town. Among these ornamental art work pieces and exhibitions, tourists can meet, for example, the painting of the Last Judgment day from the XV century and the Colored frescoes on the Vault from the XVI century.

Map of Albi in France

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