Toulouse: A French City With A Rich History

The French city of Toulouse is very antique and rich in historic events, and most of its tourist attractions are based on this fact. This way, those visitors who enjoy meeting places with a strong bond with important historic events should make sure of meeting Toulouse while being in the region of Languedoc Roussillon.

The history of Toulouse

The history of Toulouse can be traced back to the III and IV centuries BC. During those centuries, the city was populated by Celtic tribes, mainly by the Volques Tectosages. Some centuries later, in the II century AD, Toulouse became one of the main five cities in the western empire, and was allied to Rome.

During the middle Ages, within the XI and XII centuries, the city became populated by Catharists. Catharism was a religious movement which established their main base within the region of Lan Guedoc Roussillon, with a strong presence in the city, building some constructions and ornaments typical from such movement which can still be observed to the date.

An aerial view of Toulouse in France.

The Golden age

Towards the XV century, Toulouse entered into which is known as the Golden age for the town. During this period of time, many important and rich people form the region built their residence within the area of Toulouse, some of which can still be seen as red brick constructions. Although this period was not longer than a century, it was very important for the town since it was the most prosperous and popular époque it had gone through.

The Canal Du Midi

During the XVII century, another important event took place in the city: the construction of the Canal Du Midi. The Canal Du Midi was built within 1681 and 1687 by Pierre Paul Riquet. Jean Paul Riquet thought of a very complete water system which would lead to the construction of the channel which would be built after his death.

The Canal du Midi in Toulouse, France.
The Canal du Midi

Aircraft manufacturing

Important events happened within Toulouse during the XX century, such as for example, the appearance of becoming a major aircraft manufacturer town. During World War I, this town became famous by the aircraft manufactured in it, which counted with the great advantage of being entirely created by men hands, without using industrial machines.

Map of Toulouse in France

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